Top retailers from North America have made ILOE their show for sourcing luxury outerwear. If you want your brand to be known in North America, ILOE is the trade show for you.This is a juried show. To become and exhibitor you must apply to register. Please complete and submit the interest form below to apply.

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A: Accessories (Hats, Gloves, etc.)
B: Auctions
C: Footwear
D: Fur -- Knitted
E: Fur -- Long Hair
F: Fur -- Luxury
G: Fur -- Mink (Sable, Chinchilla, Lynx)
H: Fur -- Others (Muskrat, Rabbit, etc.)
I: Fur -- Sheared Beaver
J: Down Outerwear
K: IT Services/Software
L: Pelts
M: Precious Fibers (Cashmere, Wool etc)
N: Ready-to-Wear
O: Remodeling
P: Shearling/Leather
Q: Supplies
R: Trade Associations
S: Trade Publications