Team ILOE wanted to share this informational and helpful video with you. It was created by one of our favorite entrepreneurs, DeAnna McIntosh. It is packed with valuable information and helpful tips to strategically maneuver your business and navigate the current retail climate.


Now is not the time to hide from the Coronavirus. It’s the time to FIGHT FOR YOUR BUSINESS!

Join three Retail and E-commerce Consultants as we discuss strategies to cope with the effects of the Coronavirus on retailers and brands, and also receive encouragement that there WILL be a come back. It’s up to you to utilize this time to prepare your business for it, so that once it happens, you’ll emerge stronger, more strategic, and more profitable than ever before!

Here Are Your Hosts aka Your Retail Power Team:

Meet DeAnna McIntosh
Global Retail + E-commerce Consultant at The Affinity Group International
House Manager at Retailing Evolved

DeAnna McIntosh provides merchandising strategies for startups, digitally native and emerging brands, and boutiques.

Ways She Will Support You:- Creating a unique business model for your store or brand that will propel you to stand out in your market, and provide multiple streams of profitability
– Sourcing and buying products your customers will crave and securing profitable vendor partnerships
– Analyzing your sales and financials (alongside Darlene below) to predict trends and provide direction for future collection development
– Visually merchandising your products in-store, online, and during events

DeAnna ensures you run a great boutique and magnetizing brand through strategic branding, product merchandising, and logistics planning.


Meet Darlene Mitchell
Retail Boutique Coach / Advisor at Darlene Y. Mitchell

Darlene Mitchell provides financial and inventory strategies for small to medium-sized boutiques, retailers, and manufacturers.

Ways She Will Support You:
– By removing emotion out of buying decisions by providing clear solutions and strategies
– Creating a customized road map for your sales and inventory to drive business for new and existing stores
– Providing financial strategies to optimize profitability to increase cash flow in your business
– Through monthly one-on-one reviews of your business to give guidance on opportunities and risks

Darlene ensures you run a profitable boutique through strategic financial planning and inventory management.


Meet Rachel Williamson
President at Running Great Stores Retail Consultancy

Rachel Williamson is a Store Operations Expert who specializes in making GREAT stores.

Ways She Will Support You:
– Evaluating current processes and establishing a best in class approach to running great stores
– Eliminating redundancy and waste by applying “fresh eyes” to how your stores operate
– Providing solutions to issues you face utilizing her 30+ years of retail experience

In this ever evolving retail climate, you cannot afford to “hope” your stores are well run.

Rachel ensures you run great boutiques through extensively enhancing their operational efficiency.