I don’t think there is a better time than now to reevaluate the buying experience at your store. Especially if you own a brick and mortar establishment. Really ask yourself from start to finish what happens in your buying process and how it can be tweaked to make it work for everyone and help you snag more sales. Here are 5 simple ways to go above and beyond for your customers. Try implementing these strategies and see how it works for you!


What do you do when a customer is looking for something they can’t find in store? Given today’s current circumstances every sale is an important one…you have to offer the customers options and go above and beyond. Looking for a different size, color, or maybe offer an alternative that you think they may like even more! Offer up the option for a rain check and special order it for them. They may decline, but even if they do…they will remember you really tried to make it work for them. It creates brand loyalty and they will likely keep coming back.


If you already have a sale in the bag (whether it is online or at a brick and mortar store) offering last minute add-ons is a great way to make more cash, and move products that you know will sell. If you have an accessory that sells really well, offer suggested “complete the look” options. If they are at a lower price point and more of an impulse purchase, it will be even easier to sell if you market it in the right way. It’s a win-win for the customer and for you!


Think of your window display not as a catch all of your latest and greatest, but as a place to artfully design key pieces that tell a story for your store. Make it unique with an unexpected prop or add an art installation element that will create a buzz in the area. No matter what, get creative and switch it up often. Seasonal changes are a must and make it a collaborative effort from your team. If you are all out of ideas, hire a professional set designer.


After a customer comes in for a visit whether or not they buy anything, invite them to come back. And, give them a reason TO come back. Remind them of an upcoming event or promotion you have going on and if they didn’t make a purchase it will entice them to make another visit. Don’t forget to leave a mailing list sign up by the register to ensure you can create more opportunities for communication with them.


Naturally when a customer visits your store, you will want to ask them how they are doing or how their day has been. Instead, try to engage them in a NEW way. Try complimenting on their style, or telling them (genuinely) if you like something they are wearing and you can even tie it in with a style recommendation. You know the old adage “kill them with kindness”? It’s a rule that never goes out of style.